Thursday, December 18, 2014

You ever try to get dressed in the morning...

and realize that you hate all of your clothes? Like, in that hate all of it. No? It's just me? Hmmm. Well, I am pretty sure that I tried on all 184 of my t-shirts this morning. I think it is winter that does this to me, which is yet another reason to hate it and pine for the return of warmer temperatures. 

At any rate, last night I was going through my Texas Toast pictures again, as I am wont to do because I need something to take my mind off of shitty weather, and I saw this pic of Sean Sexton...


I cropped it a little, sharpened it a touch, and it turned into something I liked. So, think of this as a Throwback Thursday...throwing back to sweating in the Texas sun while standing in a field watching BMX happen on an asphalt pad. 


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