Friday, October 24, 2008

Boo for Boo at the Zoo.

It sucked. It gets worse and worse every year. I wanted to take the kids to something Halloween related since this is not my year for tricks and treats. Garrett was a dragon, though he insisted that he was, in fact, a dinosaur. Anna was Fonzie's date and Ocean was Crystal Lake's favorite son.

Shit for candy.

Garrett screamed like a demon.

I got stuck in a child play obstacle and wanted to kill Mica.

Other than that, it was a blast.

Ocean looking to carve a backwards "O" on someone's face. Oops!

Garrett and Ocean seem like they are meeting to discuss how the neighborhood will be divided under their regime...

Shout! Shout! Shout! Shout at the shitty candy!



micasue said...

Boo at the Zoo did suck really badly.

It was all worth it though when you were stuck in that play thing and Anna and Ocean couldn't seem to help, and the crowd of adults was all like

"Someone is having to rescue a dragon..."

And I'm thinking "um, no, someone needs to rescue the adult..."

the look on your face was awesome (and wee bit scary)

but we had fun in the hay bale maze!

I'm glad we got to go, and we should hit up Old Navy tomorrow morning for the free shirts!

I love you and I love us!

corey m said...

Where is this photo? Dammit Mica you let me down!!!!!!

a backwards O...made me giggle!

i hope it's sunny on sunday morning! i miss stephen!

Shauna said...

oh my gosh! That "dino-dragon" costume is absolutely adorable!

Ocean is super scary and Anna is super pretty. Halloween is so much fun when it comes to the kiddies.

I can't wait to hear hear the story about Stephen getting stuck at Boo at the Zoo. lol