Sunday, January 18, 2009

There's a war outside still raging and it isn't mine anymore to win...

I had typed up this big long blog about how shitty the attitudes of the BMX'ers in this town are and how maybe the scene here just wasn't ready for a skatepark...then my son melted down and and the browser got closed and the draft did not get saved. So no bitch session, because the clouds parted for a moment, the temperature went up and I got to fucking ride today. I learned a new trick (new for me) and had a good time with everyone. I guess I just need to roll with the punches and understand that if the skateboarding community wants us out of the park, we're gonna be gone and there isn't much I can do about it. I let myself get pissed off when I see the BMX guys acting like dumbasses and eventually it colors my whole experience. I don't have time to worry about this. I am just gonna ride and try to enjoy the experience as long I can.

I want to build a pump track. Trails are rad, but in my advanced age, a pump track might be more my speed. Maybe not. I think we can make such a thing, and I even think I know where to put it. Let's just say that recycling is all the rage.

I have to read one chapter in Western Civ by the 20th and 3 chapters in Poli Sci by Thursday. I like this. Much more interesting than my online Spanish class. No offense to Spain. It is a lovely country that I hope to visit one day. But taking a foreign language online is fairly torturous.

You know what? Lilly Allen has a third nipple, just like me. I bet we'd hit it off famously. *Waits for Mica to slap me*


micasue said...

I'm sorry about the skate park situation, that sucks.

I love you though, and can't wait to go to Nashville with you.

And back to the mall and to Sephora!

My Art book is so heavy.

Anonymous said...

OK so I didn't know you had a third nipple....and when and why are you going to Nashville?
Just drive the rest of the way here!!
If Jaime adds on her room, then I will be visiting this summer. I have to see all my babies I can't stand it. I know I said no travel this summer but I can't do it....however I am only driving as far as K-town

Anonymous said...

pumptracks can be fun as hell.

Goosey said...

man what are you talking about? we have a pump track now. gah, you are soooo behind the times. its cool though. one of these days you really need to go up to helix with me and ill show you what this summer is going to be all about. but really, its the only thing that will matter this summer. im serious. no really