Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Classic rock invasion...but only the chorus...

Mica is breaking down...she is singing multiple classic rock songs, but she does not know all the words. Not even close. So I am being inundated with either the openings of songs or the chorus.

The clouds parted and the Sun warmed just a touch on we jumped on the opportunity to ride like a crow on roadkill. I gladly took some pictures because I wanted to shoot anything...and I did.

This is Ginger John. He is one of my favorite people to ride with at the park. He is young, salty as hell and has a good sense of humor.

Corey busted some moves. This table was the first offering, but the stem-hump was next damn level.

I don't really get too many pictures of myself because, as has been documented, I am usually taking the pictures. So, I wind up with lots of pictures of the bike that I ride.

Garrett got in a little trouble for wrecking his bike on purpose at daycare and saying "shit" over and again when he fell. So, no bike videos for a bit. I AM LOOKING AT YOU, BRIAN KACHINSKY.


tony said...


That's funny.

corey m said...

man, i love those rims.

the more i see photos of the park with the scoreboard in the background, i can only imagine what "outsiders" must think. it wouldn't be so bad if it was in SoKno...haha!!!

Garret watches too much bmx. That's kinda awesome!

micasue said...

nice bike, sexy.

i wanna make a cd of classic rock songs to play while i "make" dinner and wear my apron.

i heart stephen

Stephen said...

Garrett totally watches too much BMX. He's gonna be burned out on it be the time he is three.

Hope snowboarding went well, CMac. I fragged some n00bs last night.

Mica, what's for dinner?