Monday, February 9, 2009

Anti-freeze, oil leaks, FM-200, blue and white wires...

Holy man...this week is already nuts...and it is one day old.

Mica's car blew a radiator hose, my truck is leaking oil like a professional oil leaking thing and apparently FM-200 releases 3 states away take down phone systems. I didn't even really get into the whole department swapping causing me to see blue and white wires in my waking dreams.

Party at Bobby's this past weekend. And I also ate a pile of shit trying to get nose-dive 360's on the hip. Ow.

I'll post up some pics tomorrow. It is time to lay down and figure out how to navigate tomorrow...


micasue said...

I can't believe my car all broke like that. Thanks so much for getting the hose replaced.

Today will be long, but Wednesday will be here soon.

This semester is almost to the halfway mark. We need to both fill out our fafsa's for the upcoming year!

I love you

corey m said...

at least we still have our health...

COD4 to the rescue!!! and nice weather!

corey m said...

It's Thursday and I'm not seeing any pics?????

Geez! What's the deal. It's not like you have anything better to do.

I'm so mean. hehe

Shauna said...

oops! I did it again.

I have a bad habit of not signing Corey out before I post comments.