Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I should be reading chapter 10

But instead I am fresh off of the Wii Fit and am still being told by a game console that I am overweight. No words. No words.

My son got his hair cut this past weekend thanks to his mom (I supplied him with his first hair cut, but the mom sorta didn't like it so I removed myself from that duty for a bit out of a desire for peace) and for lack of better term...he looks different. Still cute...totally cute. It was one of those shocking moments for me. You can see his whole face which means you can see the whole expression he is leveling at you which means that my son is mean as hell. Apples and trees and proximity come to mind. I can dig it.

Look at this guy!

And then he's ready for the glam!

Chilling with sister and a mini skateboard...

Anna took a shower and looked ready for a Rainbow Gathering...

I poached this from Corey. I like pictures of me on my bike NOT riding the park. Sweet!

Hell yes. Time to go do some sit ups! Fatty!

1 comment:

corey m said...

WOW! He looks so much different. Yes, good, but different.

i like the new background color too.