Sunday, April 5, 2009

Something for the ladies.


I dunno, I haven't posted in a bit. School. Work. Kids. Yard work. Bike riding. Too busy. I am sure you were worried.

I was officially burned out on the park today. Too much of this...

So I talked Corey into going to the Butcher Shop wall ride with me. It worked out decent. Corey does wall rides like Obama delivers a rousing speech.

Then he reaches into his bag and rips out this Ruben. So stoked on this one. The lighting is even sweet.

He took a nice one of me, but no telling when that will get posted *mean mugs Corey*.

Semester almost done.

1 comment:

corey m said...

I'm workin' on it!!!

I didn't realize how badly sun-burned I was. I am about as red as it gets in that photo. To boot, I have a cool hipster v-neck tan line.