Monday, April 27, 2009

Stoked on being coffee'd

Wrapping up the semester, which is a bit of a chore but I have some high hopes for all of this. It's 83 degrees out, but man, I wanted that coffee on the way home. So I got it. And I drank it like it was lemonade.

Knoxville's version of an Italian street fair, the Rossini Festival, took place this weekend. We took the kids, but the heat and the high prices associated with stick'd meat made me weary. But the kids loved it. So did my cougar.

Props Road Fools 17 rolled into town this weekend as well. I was sorta "meh" about it, but my attitude changed when I went out to the park and met some of the guys. First off, KC Badger is probably one of the raddest guys I have spoken with. Easy to talk to, funny and super smooth on a bike.

Chris Doyle was on board, and because I am a shitty photographer, I totally botched this. But I like that he has pepperoni nips! Woo!

Remember that post where I showcased the ANTHEM sticker on my bike? This guy is responsible for that video. BMX is better because of Stew. Fuck, that beard is something else...

Darryl Tocco does not care that the tranny on this side of the bowl is supposed to be harder to air out of. Not one bit. Jesus.

So in some Badger Bars, Big Daddy is the truth, Catfish and DixieBMX met and no dicks were sucked, Anthem 2 is gonna be epic and when Bobby asked me if Rye looked any different, all I had was, "well Bob, he ain't taller."



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