Saturday, January 26, 2013


Not the murderous skater. I am talking about Burt Reynolds. I read this morning that he had been admitted to an ICU, and Mica went on to insist that he was going to die.

Me: Burt Reynolds is in the hospital!
Her: He's gonna die.
Me: He is suffering from severe dehydration.
Her: Oh, he OD'd on drugs. He's gonna die.
Me: It seems that he has been suffering from a harsh strain of the flu that has been going around.
Her: Oh, he's totally going to die.
Me: He is expected to make a full recovery.
Her: Oh. Did you just make that last part up?

Burt Reynolds was the first regular dude that I wanted to be like. Han Solo is not a regular dude. He is a space pirate. Burt Reynolds planted the idea in my head that I could bootleg shitty beer with friends while driving a Pontiac made muscle car for a living. A LIVING! Damn, being a boy is awesome.

With that in mind, I have some photos from Burt's state. More Banned action!

Hoang Tran. I think I heard someone say, "Damn, that Asian girl shreds!" DON'T SHOOT THE MESSENGER!

Daddy in waiting Colt Fake. I think I gave good advice during the "what is having a kid like?" talk. IT IS LIKE HAVING A DOG. Until they start talking. Then it all shits the bed.

Brien Kielb doing an opposite table. Just kidding. This is a regular table. It's a good one, he's just gonna give me shit for posting another picture of him doing a table. I think I have 8 more of these.

Ryan Hoey swinging the leg on the big set of jumps. It would be an honor to get full body cavity searched by this member of NYC's finest.

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