Friday, September 21, 2007

Every lady thug needs a man.

I am 0-2 in the fantasy trophy league I am in. I am okay with this, because as I was losing the game this past Sunday night, I watched the Yankees beat the Sox (Jeter taking Schill over the THA GREEN MONSTA) and declared that I don't care if I go 0-14, I just want the Yanks to win this damn thing. Mica is nice enough to fake interest in my love for all things Yankee, which is totally appreciated. She did say that she knew who the Yankees were and that Derek Jeter played for them. That was good enough for me! Get that lady some flowers!

While sitting on her back porch last night, I belched so loud that it triggered fear and discussion with her boys. It was awesome. For a single shining moment, I knew how the Vikings must have felt when they would "visit" Britian.

I am told that the skatepark should be done in December. I can't wait. I just want to ride transition. Street is rad and is my first love, but man, my body can't take landing to flat much longer. I need smooth. Gimme smooth.

She looks better in my shirts than I do...

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