Wednesday, September 19, 2007

No, you can't have my Xbox.

I don't even play it anymore. I am not a big videogame guy, though back in the day, I played fighting games to death. And really, if someone handed me a 360 right now, I would totally go buy a copy of Gears of War and Madden 2008...then I would wait for Halo 3. BUT THAT IS PRETTY MUCH IT. Again, I am not a gamer. Really.

I think I am gonna stop by Home Depot today and get myself some molding so I can finish the shit in the bedroom. Oh, and I need paint. Some cabinet paint. And some primer. I am gonna get that shit done. I have to. It's totally driving me nuts.

Mica has a scale in her bathroom, so I weighed myself yesterday. 193 pounds. I am siked. I think I am manorexic, but whatever. All I know is that my knees hurt less when I don't have 200+ pounds on me and my clothes fit better. Yeah!

I am part of the boyfriend forumla right now, which will be "completed" in about 2 weeks. Until then...I am her "not boyfriend". Nice. It's my own fault, but still...

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