Sunday, February 17, 2008

The last days.

What I will be posting here are the last shots that were taken with the Canon 10D. She was a good camera and I will always appreciate the time we had together. But, I have decided to switch to a Nikon for varying reasons, so the Canon will be going to a good friend that I know will also appreciate her as much as I did and still do.

Points to note...I really hate it when people tell me how to do something...well, unless I ask them for advice. This covers a wide array of things, but specific to last night, it covered photography. Depth of field and focal length are things that I think I understand. I shot some pics at the park with my 50mm at 1.8 (wide open) and an external flash. 50mm is not for close up shots. And just because the glass on the lens is curved (or has a "bubble") does not make it a fisheye. And for that matter, a fisheye is not the end all be all of camera lenses. Shot composition, lighting, depth of field and such are the key. Anyone can shoot with a fish. I am not a good photographer by any means, but for fucksake...ack. Anyways, here is a shot of Corey hitting the hip with some style. His voice was gone at this point, but he was still riding like a champ...

Billy rode the big bowl for a bit. The shot isn't that great, but I sort of liked the shadow. Billy is really good and really nice. I can't stress enough how awesome it is to see people like him. He's a good egg.

My sister came by yesterday and brought the twins. They are getting so big. I was too busy fucking with her camera and thus forgot to actually take some pics of them, but Gracie did work her way into this shot...

Garrett is getting so big and so boyish. He rolls across the floor on his stomach with a skateboard. It's hilarious. He also likes the hell outta some juice.

So, the next pics I will be posting will be from a Nikon D70, I think. I am looking forward to learning about it. Hopefully, we'll get along.

Also, Mica has let me ride the skatepark more than I should be allowed. She is a great girlfriend and I can't thank her enough for being so awesome. It's like she knows my time doing this stuff is limited. Which it is. Thank you, Mica. Really.


Anonymous said...

isnt it Madison that worked her way into the shot??

raspberrytoast said...

Your welcome!
I hope your new camera brings you much joy.
I looked at the weather today (on my own) and it had little animated storms falling throughout the week...maybe it won't rain though.
Oh well, I know my chicken.