Tuesday, February 5, 2008

So much stuff in my head...

So, here goes. The skatepark is open now, and it is totally awesome. If I don't have to take Anna to the dentist today, then I am gonna cut outta work early and go ride it...after I vote of course. I can't believe we even have a skatepark here in Knoxville. It feels so surreal. I took a picture of John doing a turn down, but it looks like asshole on a PC. The thing looked so much more awesome on the Mac...

Looks too yellow or something here. Fuck. I had the white balance all wonky when I went outside. By the way, I am gonna learn how to air out of the bowl. It will happen.

Mica made some huevos rancheros last night and I thought about beating her ass and taking them. But she's cute and that would have been mean. So I ate my chips and salsa and was happy with that. Dunkin' Donuts coffee is awesome, by the way. Doing things is what I like to do. Yes.

1 comment:

raspberrytoast said...

that's so cutie pie major!
i offered you some rancheros, poppa bear!!

i like that odd shaped boy standing there.