Monday, April 7, 2008

The grass is greener.

Because my dog has shit all over my back yard and just really done a terrific job of fertilizing the thing.

I mowed it, cleaned it up and took my son out there to see what he'd think of it. I hooked him up with his new (to him) whip and he seemed to like it.

And check out his "I'm chillin'" stance. Kid is gonna be a ripper.

I wrecked hard this past weekend. I actually did no damage to myself, but I destroyed my new cranks and new pedals. Shit. I guess I am glad that I did not get wrecked, because when I look at what was done to the metal on my bike...well...I realize that I would have shattered my leg.

Before the bike carnage, I got some pictures taken of me riding! Gasp!

Fastplant, baby!

Hippity hoppity.


Anonymous said...

I am happy you got some pics of you at the skatepark. I already told you which is my fav G photo, but I think the others are cute too.
My arm really hurts and I kinda wish I had a sling for it.
Thanks for being patient with me while I am all hobbled.

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Stephen said...


Anonymous said...

update your blog, nutsucker!