Saturday, April 19, 2008

The land of Vienna Beef.

I spent the last week in Chicago at a training class for my job. The hotel I stayed in was nice, but the internet access was essentially wireless dial up, and I had no desire to fuck with that. So, I just spent the nights walking around, or drinking coffee, or talking to Mica on the phone...just whatever. I just wanted to be home. It was also an opportunity for me to heal a little. I took a really bad spill while skating last week. Skating. The activity that I can largely do with my eyes closed. So much for that. Thankfully, the bike is back in working order. So, while in the city of wind, I did what everyone else does, including sneaky fucking Russians...I took pictures of the Bean. Actually, it is called the "Cloud Gate" but it is pretty much a big chrome bean. Very "Flight of the Navigator".

This shot was on Monday night. I got back to my room, got stir crazy and grabbed my camera. I am laying on the steps for this one, holding as still as possible. No one thought I was homeless, as they didn't shoot me horrible looks. They just thought I was crazy. Everyone in that city was carrying 20 pounds of gloom...

This one was on the same night, but I black and whited it. I really liked how it turned out. So much so that it became the desktop background on my work laptop. Good job, Stephen. Thanks!

This last one was a daytime shot. There were all these Russians milling about and staring at themselves in it. I had no idea that Russians were that narcissistic. I knew they were sneaky and could dodge bullets, however.

So, that is all for now. I guess I am getting ready to drive somewhere to eat some BBQ.

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Anonymous said...

I love these photos. I'm so glad you decided to continue posting here. And I am really happy that you are back from Chicago.