Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My lavish lifestyle is going to kill me.

Reading at work today set me on the path to a discussion with my co-workers about the price of gas, our precarious national security situation because of our dependence on foreign oil and how there is no end in sight. This led to me becoming rather depressed about the fact that I drive a Chevy Blazer...a truck that I am pretty much stuck with for a while. Gas will be 5 dollars a gallon by the end of the year. Though, in reality, even if I was driving a smaller car, I'd not likely be saving all that much money at the end of the day. Or maybe I am just telling myself that. Either way, it bums me out to see things deteriorate in such a way. I wish I could install solar panels on my house, but I lack the know how and capital.

This feeling is compounded by the fear that Clinton will somehow win the nomination. It saddens me to think that people still get ahead by way of character assassination and fear mongering. If she wins the nomination, I am just going to sit this one out. Because a country ran by her or McCain will not be different one way or the other.

Man, I am really down about this.


Anonymous said...

Jeez, I sent you some really good suggestions, and I have some more too.
Think positive, brother, don't neg it up!
Those news stations don't know everything, you can't trust them; we don't know what the future holds let's not get down about it just yet.


Anonymous said...

Thanks alot, Captain Bring-Down.

Anonymous said...

Obama's just like those other cats. He's doing the same stuff with the same ba-zillions in the bank.

If I met him, I'd say, "Thanks, Obama. Change, change, change, we get it. Now how are you going to change everything?"

Taylor said...

i hate hillary. the word cunt usually comes out of my mouth very close to her name. and dont get me started. lets go campaign in nc for Obama. I will move out of the country if anyone but him or Kucinich wins. and i doubt the latter will occur. oh man this blog just pissed me off. thanks buddy. ha