Thursday, May 15, 2008

Learning the hard way...

to not speak when I am laying down on my stomach after two cans of beer, 3 advil liquigels, 1 Benadryl and while getting a back rub from my girlfriend. Apparently, I say stupid shit.

I have apologized to this lady about 58 times in the last 10 hours...

This should essentially just be called the Zack Biggs update. Because that is what I have the most pictures of. But damn, the dude is fucking good.

Opposite style over the hip in the flow bowl...two shots!

One footed flattie in the very same bowl. Caw caw!

And this was my first non skatepark BMX pic that I have taken since the park has been open. I need to do more of this. Zack rides up a tree.

Just to break it up a little, Neebo did this moments before trading his Fit for an Eastern frame. Jesus.

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Anonymous said...

I love you!