Sunday, May 11, 2008

I've had better days.

Hi. Blog URL has been changed to facilitate the access. I fell today. I would like to blame it on the wind, as I seemed to lose speed and come up very short out of nowhere. The result? I landed on the pointy part of my pelvic bone and my face. I got a very small cut on my chin, but the actual impact rung my bell a little...and not like the Anita Ward song, either (thanks Mica). Check me out...

So, yeah...worked just a little. Beer and Advil do the trick. Salsa helps, too.

John Carlisle came out the other night and threw out some slang, and by slang I mean massive turndown.

I was going through my photos today and found a different angle of a pic that I already posted here, but it was actually a little more clear than the one I previously posted. It's Zack Biggs with a one footed flattie in between pouring his sweetness out on unsuspecting ramp tramps.

Finally, my son has figured out that he fits nicely in the dryer, and this is where he runs to when he doesn't want me to change his ass mud filled diaper. Jesus.


Anonymous said...

I know it's just me so it doesn't really count, but I am really happy that you are going to keep your blog. And I think you look super cutie pie in that first pic!

corey m said...

has garrett gone for a ride in it yet? i always wanted to do that! (still do really, but i will get over it)

John def clicks'em...damn does he click'em

and the shot of zack is sweet

p.s. updated the link for ya dear