Thursday, May 1, 2008


Today, I got my hair cut. I went to Lox at the urging of Mica. She went with me and helped explain to the stylist that I did not want it cut too short, because we liked the length and all...we just wanted it cleaned up a little. Well, it's too short, but my hair grows really fast, thus my ability to get a beard in less than 3 days.

I fell really hard tonight. Really hard. Ow. Old age threw a haymaker at me and just about scored a knockout, but I got off the mat. Kind of.

While I sat here with a bag of frozen beans on my knee, I got together some pics of Andy and Hendor, two of my favorite skaters in all the world. Hendor is one of the chillest people there, but he skates like he is mad at someone. It's rad. He nailed the hardflip over the hip first try. Dialed...

Andy...well, what can I say about Andy? He's super friendly, knows more about Star Wars than I do (no shit) and is like a bear with the strength of 10 bears. Front side 360!

Tonight the park was dead. Chalk it up to Sundown in the City, I guess. Zack was there, was shredding and had no pegs. He has the one footed flattie on lock down. Mike Aitken weeps...

He also no peg bonked this rail...

Billy looks like he should be in a Social Distortion cover band, or maybe even breaking beer bottles over someone's head, but he rides like he is carrying a Faberge Egg in his smooth.

Tetro is the only guy I see at the park throwing these out on a regular basis. No hands. No problem.

These are for Mica. Look at Grant. But don't stare.

That's all for now. I am gonna go heal. Sort of. God, this hurts.


Anonymous said...

I wanna see your hair but I also wanna see more of that boy without his shirt. Nice way to start my Friday morning! Cutie!!!!!!!!

tim said...

ha... i just laughed my ass off reading the article in rideuk (the one with the bf interview) about fly-out jumps... you guy's got a swet fly-out! haha..

"you're not going to need balls of steel and it's almost impossible to hang up-if you do i would suggest quitting ridding altogether"

corey m said...

Man, I wish I would have been there. But I can't afford to miss LOST!!!!!!! If I do I won't know what the hell is going on next week!!! Ahhhhh!

But awesome photography!