Wednesday, June 11, 2008

100 degrees and let's go tobogganing!

It is hotter than two rats fucking in a wool sock. I mean, it's hot. Instant swampy in the shorts. But we ride. And apparently, the only trick that gets done... toboggans.

I guess this is a home run because John took it out of the park. LOLZ. Oh man...shoot me.

Corey dipped this so nice that it looked good enough to eat.

And finally, John blasts off the deck, over the twinkie and into the bowl. Nucking futs. Nice one, homie coat!

Tomorrow I age.


Anonymous said...

Hey Poppa Bear,
It's almost your birthday, and I'm looking forward to eating Thai food with you. And you are not gonna break a hip in the morning!
Luvin ya!

corey m said...

ahhhh, toboggans. i love'em.

there is too much going on this week!

Twyla said...

Good words.