Saturday, June 21, 2008

33 is okay with me.

No post in a while. My life has been hectic and full and the batteries on my camera died...but I did manage to turn 33 last week. Mica threw me a party and I have to say without a doubt that it turned out to be the best birthday party I ever had. Good food, booze, good friends, drunk girls causing discussion, beer, Bobby Fisher turning me into an was all there.

Before the batteries shit the bed, I got some shots off. Corey, John and myself looking fantastically retarded.

Sweet dudes, no doubt. I have some amazing friends. I think that perhaps that is the measure of how you are doing in life. What kind of friends do you have. If so...then I am doing well.

This is the girl that made it go. Mica, when she is not on a hostile rampage, is the raddest girl in the raddest world.

She got me some dope shirts and handlebars for my day, made awesome food, pretends to be interested when I talk about bikes and just generally is awesome.

This is my son totally zombied out to...A BMX VIDEO. He watches them more than I do. In fact, I am quite tired of watching them.

But, he is a refined child. He takes time to enjoy the fine things in life...

Anna is going camping today. Prayers to mother nature.

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raspberrytoast said...

Even amidst my hostile rage, I am really happy that you had such a wonderful birthday. I had hoped that you would, and now we have a shit ton of alcohol in the fridge! yay!
I love you!