Sunday, June 22, 2008

A bloody mess.

Saw a bad wreck last night at the park. Skater got rolled off on a stretcher after cracking his helmeted head on the concrete. It was disturbing...that was someone's kid. I really felt horrible for him and his family.

Speaking of skating, there is this fella from FLA that totally kills it...I mean he just shreds the dogshit out of the place. His name is Matt and he also shows skills on a BMX. Hell, he can probably fly, too.

He can totally pop in the peanut bowl...

Cody has been working on turndowns, and I though I am not sure if this bike is stolen or what, he did a good one...

This morning Corey and I braved the heat to ride a nearly empty park. It's like golfing in Arizona during the summer. Corey is gonna hate that I posted this, but damn...his grip is in his gotdamned armpit.

He took a pic of me on the volcano/jersey barrier thing.

Mica makes good mashed taters.


micasue said...

that's really sad about that one kid. Lil G seemed to really dig the pots any way.
Y'all boyz are cute.

Anonymous said...

I'm not gonna lie, that picture of Corey you took is pretty awesome. I like the coloring.

& Mashed tators are always good. :)

corey m said...

ahh the picture came out alright, i really like the shadow on the concrete. i just wished i could get my damn knee over the top tube!!!!

oh, well...