Friday, June 6, 2008


That is the sign that has been spray painted on the pool coping bowl at the park. Ultimately, it is fine with me because I never ride that bowl, but I can't help but be afraid that they are gonna try to kick bikes out of there all together. I have heard comments from people that I consider friends on this matter, and it bums me out. I have tried to take a reasoned stance on this..."just follow the rules...don't give them a reason..." but even reason has it's limits. When at the park last night, every BMX'er I saw had a helmet on. Contrast that with maybe 30% of the skaters wearing one and you can see where frustration comes in. Enforce all the rules or enforce none of them. Don't just pick the ones that work for you.

Anyways, I took some pics of Jake the other night and have been slow to get them up here. Every once in a while, I get a shot that feels epic. This is one of those shots. Jake rides with Will Love, and it shows. He's a beast and goes huge.

He also did a dog piss for me. He would have fit in nicely at a 1990's BS comp...

I think I finally sort of got a decent shot of Mr. Biggs doing that one footed 360 table that he flows so well.

Anyways, I need to ride some street. I think that is what I'll do this weekend. I'm turning into a bowl rider.


Anonymous said...

I hope that there is some change and attention given to the situation in the park so that bmx'ers won't get the boot. Some people never understand how to take care of things and play well with others.
Not you though!!!!!!!!
I like your photos. How is your portfolio coming?

corey m said...


Man, I can't wait! I want to ride some street! But none-the-less. I am gonna ride the park tonight, unless you want to shred some street tonight too!

that shot of jake is badass. he is soooo good.

corey m said...

oh, and...

the skatepark trying to kick bikes out is such horseshit! we (bmx'ers as a whole) are the few that follow all the rules (except that some ride the peanut bowl).

i kinda feel that it is inevitable, i hope i am proved different.

skaters are such whiners...they can find anything to bitch about.

Anonymous said...

It isn't about "us" vs. "them", "skaters" vs. "BMXers". or anything remotely scandalous or controversial.

It's very simply an effort to preserve the integrity of the VERY expensive pool coping. The Parks Commission had intended to prohibit bikes from the pool when the park was still in the planning stages due to potential damage from metal pegs and pedals - which the majority of BMXers are using in spite of posted requests to the contrary. Since the park opened way ahead of schedule, things like the stenciled sign, final landscaping, etc. got put on the "finish later" list. So it's not a "new" idea borne from some conflict or recent usage issue

And yeah - the BMXer's are NOT the ones cussing, spitting, smoking, and hanging out in the dugouts. I've noticed and commented on that, to skaters and BMXers alike. There is NO effort, NONE, being put to even considering barring bikes from the park. We like you guys, most of you anyway!

So chill it on out, there - Corey M. And don't forget - the city has REFUSED to clean up the park, AND have stated their intention to shut it down if the litter isn't controlled. Have you noticed WHO is cleaning the park? The KSP task force members - Skaters, EVERY DAY. Yes - while we skaters are trying to "find anything to bitch about", don't forget that we are also doing the grunt work to insure that you still have a park to pedal in at all.

Stephen said...

Oh Robbie...

Some of us do some cleaning. I pick up bottles all the time, though I will admit that don't clean the dugouts, because I have yet to go in there and I plan on keeping it that way.

But I appreciate the work done by those that drag the trash out and such. It amazes me how little people take care of something like this.