Thursday, September 4, 2008

Job Light?

I am not a biblical man. At best, I am agnostic, at worst...well...

Having mentioned that, I was always fascinated with the book of Job in the bible. Mainly because, to me, it appeared to be the ultimate in deity vanity, but also because I identify with the central character. Life piles on me, at times, and I do my best to weather it and take it. The most recent act of Job-ism is my brand new ac unit's decision to shit the bed on some of the hottest days of summer. As mentioned in a previous post, this is supposed to be my vacation, but it has been anything close to relaxing. Yes, the unit itself is under warranty, but the labor...oh the labor. 100 dollars just to come look at it...then whatever they charge to actually fix it. So, being the enterprising man that I am, I get some help. Early diagnosis of the issue points to a bad condenser motor. John and I crack it open, clean the armature, put it back together and she spun up like a champ. For about 4 hours. Then she stopped working. Again. So, after poking around on the internet and talking with people that do this sort of thing for a living, I figure it must be the run capacitor. Through some clandestine means, I procure one and put it in myself without electrocuting anyone and the unit came right on. Woo! Then, 45 minutes later it at this point, the general consensus is that the motor is just shot. Probably because the capacitor was going bad, so it seems to be a combo...but I have endured no air conditioning for 4 straight days. And I am hot. And miserable. Couple this with some insipid child visitation drama, a lack of a spanish text book for one of my classes and student loan anxiety...well, as you can see, I am about at my end. This is par for the course, however. Like I told Mica...if I found $5,000 in cash laying on the ground, something would break that cost $5,124 to fix. That is my luck.

On a side note, there are only two movie moments that make me cry everytime...Ray Kinsella asking his ghost dad if he'd like to have a catch and Chas telling Royal, "I've had a tough year, dad." Then hearing Royal say, "I know you have Chassie."



micasue said...

What's all this
"I've been so hot" shiz?
How about "we've been so hot?"

and it sucks that a scene from my favourite movie makes you sad.

Everything will get fixed, and be fine.

Like the Rev.Al Greene sang--Let's stay together, whether times are good or bad or happy or sad...

Anonymous said...

I am sorry guys...I wish I had the money to buy you a whole brand new damn AC unit.
We got this Home shield warranty on the house. It is $60 to fix crap and we have more than gotten our moneys worth this year already. Two AC visits, an oven visit, two electrical visits. And each time just $60 and the rest was their problem. We have been very pleased with them. Ya'all should check into it. IT might be worth it since your house isn't new just like ours isn't. Just a thought. You could come to Texas! Your new room gets a little cold at night with the AC....just offerin!!!


PS..Happy Birthday Big Two Year Old!!! Auntie Amy loves you and will be getting to the post office tomorrow to send your present :) Smooch smooch!!!!