Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fall break kid watching cluster f@*k!

Anna is fall breaking it this week. However, the daycare people that were watching her are not open today and tomorrow, so I stayed home to spend some time with the kids. Then Anna left to go to her mom's friend's house. Shit.

The weather is lovely, so I just left the backdoor open and let Garrett come and go while I made some lunch. He became quite enthralled with the massive hole my dogs have dug (one of many) in the yard, and I just let him run with it because what good is being a boy if you can't get dirty.

No mudslinging! Dirt is fine, though.

One of the offending parties...

Mica and Ocean slightly overexposed, but they are adorable...


micasue said...

Garrett's dressed like a little hobo all mix and match jammies with bright red sox.

Really cute pics, I can't wait to get him a suit and go to Boo.

I love you and I love us!

Anonymous said...

Garrett is way too cute! I love the one throwing dirt! He does look a little homeless but that too is part of being a boy!
Cooper loves to be outside and get dirty. His only problem is that he doesn't know that he can't eat everything out there YUMMY!! Tell the little people Aunt Amy loves them!