Monday, October 20, 2008

See Spot run...all over my sensor. Ack.

My sensor on this D100 is dirty like a whore near Gypsy Hands after 9pm.

Did some spot cleaning in photoshop on these. Had to. I need to raise some capital to buy a new body. Send money, Mom. Thanks.

Also, I want to change my name to Jens. Mica knows why.

I love some Java. Seriously, I love going there in the morning...

Tim M. pics from Sunday session...

Look, a toy! That no one plays with!

Goddamn...I love double peg grinds.

However, I hate Spanish. Well, online Spanish.

1 comment:

micasue said...

Jesus people just tried to suck me into something...

I love getting breakfast with you at Java, just the two of us all hand holdy and lovey...then getting into an argument about where various thrift stores are located.

That's my jelly.