Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I has a burrito.

I didn't have time to grab breakfast this morning at the house. My son jabs and kicks me while I try to sleep at night lately, so I am not getting enough rest and thus wind up a little scattered in the morning. So when I got to work, I decided to make a breakfast run. I chose the McDonald's down the road and went with their McFatty Fat Face breakfast burrito.

McDonald's offerings pale in comparison to the stuff that Hardee's pushes out there, but this one is close to stepping up. I ate the whole thing (it didn't look that big, but apparently, was filled with enough fat to keep a family of polar bears warm for winter) and I totally regret it. I wasn't even that tasty, but I felt like I should choke it down for science. Now it feels like it has left an impenetrable film on my teeth. My mood feels different. Whereas before the feast I was full of anger and fire, I now find myself sluggish and unmotivated. Not even the giant coffee that I got with the burrito is putting a dent in my lethargy.

Verdict- NO. I will not be getting anything like this ever again. From anywhere.

1 comment:

raspberrytoast said...

"I wasn't even that tasty..."

that's my fav part! Sorry about the burri, It would prolly be yummy all home made like!
I hope you are feeling better!