Sunday, December 9, 2007

I sent Corey a picture of my balls this morning.

For his birthday. The caption read, "go nuts on your birthday". Last night we met up at Big Ed's Pizza and celebrated the birthday of the C-Mac. His parents bought the pizza which was greasy as all hell and delicious. Take a look at that!

Mica wasn't feeling good and almost killed me in order to actually eat me.

Cooler heads and all that rot.

Here's the birthday boy. Let me tell you 'bout my best friend!

The establishment itself is neat. Total hole in the wall type place, but it has been there forever and they have awesome pizza. Cash or check only. That's just how they roll.

On the way back I got lost. Mica used hippie karma magic to get us back on track, though.

The night before we went to the Christmas parade/First Friday. I froze, but the kids had a rad time. Santa was a little late, but got there just the same. We checked out some art, too. Garrett was sort of nonplussed about it.

Anna and Ocean got glow in the dark bracelets somehow. I am going to pretend that they were free. I think maybe they were. No idea.

Mica was a little under the weather but had enough energy to not get me any coffee.

All in all, it was a fun weekend. Got some shopping started, bought myself a Brita water filter and had awesome pizza. Let's get awesome.

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raspberrytoast said...

wow, i am looking loverly in those pics, especially the one at the end where i look all high on hippie karma magic!!!