Sunday, December 14, 2008

Be careful with the details of the war...

I got my grades! An A in English and a B in Spanish. A decent start to my renewed college career, I think.

I picked up my son a little bit ago and he was happy to see me. That warmed my heart to no end. We ate some dinner and then watched some Rudolph. He's playing with his train set right now and is being as cute as can be.

I rode the park this morning with Corey. It was colder than I thought it was gonna be. My session got cut short by a flat tire, but I took a few pictures (of course). I feel like I ride the park too much, but it is the safe and comfortable bet for me. I do like street, but it hurts my body. Transition flows and feels nice...but really it feels like I need to do something else.

Corey was my preforming monkey today.

He took a picture of me doing a footplant. I love a footplant. It is easy, but always feels rad and people get siked on seeing them done.


Anonymous said...

I got an A and a B in my two classes too! Congrats, Stephen. Miss you guys!


corey m said...

today was pretty fun (for me...sorry about your flat).

i'm stoked on the tabletop, i didn't think i was getting them that flat!!!

i always down for some monkeying around...har har