Sunday, December 14, 2008

Tomorrow I work...but it is looking more like Christmas.

Tomorrow starts my last full week of work for 2008. I am taking almost all of next week off (I am supposed to work Friday, but I might be able to talk my boss into letting me work from home) and I can't even fathom the amount of sleep that I may be getting! Last week we took the kids to the Christmas parade downtown. It was cold. There are a few aspects of my personality that are universal and are known by of these is that despite my hatred of cold, I hate wearing a coat. I just hate it. Apparently my son also shares this trait. We were both freezing, but he refused to put on his coat that I had brought for him. Mica and the others were bundled and warm; Garrett and I shivered and felt miserable. But we got to see electric Jesus and Santa, so it is was worth it all, right? I should have asked for more summer for Christmas.

Mica prepares for the night...

Ocean had a cup of some bum piss. He said it was warm, so I let him keep it.

Anna lost her tauntaun, but remained prepared for the Hoth climate...

Garrett in a hoodie. Which is all that I had on. We are stubborn. He may not look like me, but by god he acts like me.

Oh, Mica sent this to me at work. She is declaring Jihad on ratty neighborhood kids!

Merry Christmas! Happy Yule! GERMANS RULE.


micasue said...

the kiddos look adorable in those pics. i'm gonna pick up a headband thing for anna this week, and maybe make some cookies or something.

i love you and congrats on getting an A in english with Dr. M.

corey m said...

you guys have a fun group.

i love christmas!!