Sunday, October 14, 2007

My fantasy team sucks.

Badly. I don't even care at this point. Sports are dead to me right now because the Yankees choked on a dick and the Jets couldn't beat Tina Turner if they changed their name to the New York Ikes. Fuck it. My coffee pot shit the bed this morning. Mica noticed that it was "doing something bad" and the carafe (or whatever it is called) busted open at the bottom and coffee was all over my counter. So, off to the store to buy a new coffee maker with money that I do not really have. Sweet as. I got the cheap "Mr. Coffee" no frills model and it works fine. Good. My son is attempting to nap right now and I cleaned part of my daughter's room with a trash bag. Today has been lame. I want to ride. I can't. But, thanks to Mica, I am getting a new frame. She has an interesting thought on money..."it's just money". I have to pay her back, though, because that is how I roll. So, if you know anyone that wants a brown Fly Pantera, let me know. I'll let her go nice and cheap.

I think I have to go to Asheville this week for work. Here's to hoping that I don't fall asleep in the mountains.

Also, the further I slip into poverty, the better the off brands taste. The market has spoken, and Archer Farms salsa tastes great!


raspberrytoast said...

sorry about your coffee maker bleeding out like that. i thought you handled it quite well though. i thought for like half a second that it might push you over the edge...

Corey McPherson said...

if i had money i sure wouldn't buy a coffee maker...ass