Thursday, October 4, 2007

We can't stop here! This is baby country!

Well, I survived my bout with what I thought was flu but was really strep throat. Antibiotics are awesome. Antibiotic shots in the hiney are awesomer but sort of painful. So, this morning my brotha-in-law calls to tell me that I am an uncle...again. My big sis Amy had her baby this past weekend (massive shouts out to my nephew Cooper!) and I knew that it was a matter of time before my other sister would produce her offerings. Well, they are here and they are sweet as! I stopped by tonight and snapped some pics while they were staying toasty in the NICU. Check them out! And congrats to my sister and her guys are gonna be fine.

Jaime waiting to be pushed to the NICU...

And now...Gracie!

Please take time to meet Ella!

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raspberrytoast said...

I already verbally commented, but they are still really cute. I hope your sister gets to hold them soon.