Wednesday, October 10, 2007

R U into it?

Slow slow slow slow. Today is the epitome of a slow day in the life of a cube monkey such as myself. The iPod is rocking Mogwai and making me kinda sleepy, the coffee I drank is wearing off, my attempts at contacting my girlfriend to chat have proven to be fruitless and the trouble tickets that I have are not able to be worked right now. Hurry up and wait wait wait...but I have my camera today. So I walked around a little.

This bench has held my ass up on many a day while I spoke to various people about the tempest that is my life.

The door I walk through every morning. The symbolism here is stark. The translucent reflection of myself in the glass shows me that it isn't really me in there...just a sort of fuzzy copy...

How bad do I want to go home?

My iPod sock. Held shut with a clip that I found on my desk. I used to know how to sew...


raspberrytoast said...

your life is a tempest? really?

Corey McPherson said... i haven't done that in a long time!

it almost makes me feel gay...sorta..but not like seriously gay, just not right. like in the sense that taking photos makes me feel good.

i am gonna go to bed