Tuesday, October 2, 2007


I've been sick pretty solid since Friday. Fever and body ache...I guess this means that I have the flu. THE FLU. Friday I took my kids where they needed to be then wound up at Mica's where she lay next to me did her best to keep me comfortable while I got all sweaty in her bed. Saturday I felt a little better, but then the sickness got me later that night. Sunday was an all time low for me. Fever of 102.5 and I was talking gibberish. Mica actually came over to help me through the night, and I needed it. My son decided to put in a tough night at about 3 in the morning and Mica totally got up with him and held him until he fell back asleep. I was very appreciative. She's a great girl. All kinds of great. Hopefully I can return the favor. But for now...I just want to feel better. Right now my left eye feels like it has a rock stuck in it. The rest of me is less achey, so maybe I am coming out of it. I hope so. This shit is hosed.

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raspberrytoast said...

Hopefully by the time you get around to checking on your blog, you will have already gone to the Dr.

Angry Terradactyl!