Sunday, January 13, 2008

I'm not hip enough for this.

I fell for it. I bought some big bars. I even put them on...rode the T-1 ramp with them. I totally regret it. They are too big. Too sketchy. I like my T-1 bars. They feel perfect with their perfectly worn grips. I put the T-1 bars back on and I curse myself for falling for a trend.

Part of the trip to Austin involved me getting various pros to sign Garrett's Empire BMX shirt. They did without even batting an eye. One day, Garrett might be stoked.

I painted my kitchen, finally. I still have to finish the cabinets, but it'll get done. Just getting the walls done was huge for me.

Here's to hoping that this week will be a good one.


raspberrytoast said...

I like your hat, sexy.
I hope your day is going 1000x better than mine!
Luvin ya, poppa bear!

Anonymous said...

How funny that Mica commented on your hat because I was going to say "Cool hat where did you get something like that?" :) ha ha I miss you all!!!


Stephen said...

Thanks, momma bear.

And thanks for the granola, hippay!

Taylor said...

i like the kitchen color. and i havent seen you in a long time your hair is longer and you look manorexic. eat boy.

raspberrytoast said...

ha ha she wrote manorexic!!

it's okay though cause you're "my manorexic"---(that was the name of the movie with coleco and atari)