Monday, January 28, 2008

Sharks are only found in two places on earth.

Anyways, not much has been going on with me. I got to ride yesterday, got yelled at by frat boys (always a treat, especially considering that I am probably 10 to 12 years older than they are) used up the rest of the Austin roll (looking forward to developing that) and got a nice bruise on the back of my leg. All in all...aces. My friend Will was trying the big ledge that has killed me many a night. He never got all the way, but go really close.

I have decided that Dunkin Donuts Coffee is actually really good...especially when you get it on sale. It makes a nice pot of coffee. Starbucks is just...well...shit.

I have my children this week. Garrett is getting big and nuts. He screams to play with my keys. He screams to get soy milk. He screams to not be put to bed. He screams when he is tired. But, the funny shit he does more than makes up for that. He still gets stoked on BMX vids. He literally ran to the computer when I pulled up the Aaron Ross video bike check. He climbed into my lap and got all I took a pic. Damn, I love having a Mac.

I am ready to be warm. Winter has worn the welcome right out.


raspberrytoast said...

awww cutie-pies major!

don't forget to get a lottery ticket!

Shauna said...

Nice bandana man. haha...only kidding. we need to do movie night again.

Anonymous said...

Ok the 70's called and they want their bandana back! What in the hell?

Miss you bunches!

Taylor said...

i didn't notice you were wearing a bandanna until i read everyone else's comments. so i had to click back. i like it. at least your not wearing it like do-rag or like people did in the early nineties. you are wearing it like The Boss, which automatically makes you cool. The Boss! Hellew. also i like that picture of Will. He cracks me up. Give Garrett my phone number when he turns 18.