Friday, January 18, 2008

Pelican songs would be better if they were true.

I am listening to Pelican's "Last Day of Winter" on the ol' iPod right now. I wish it were the last day of winter. I am not a fan of the cold, as anyone who knows me can attest to. I think the weather, along with other factors, contributes to my increasingly sour mood of late. Some of it has to do with the knowledge that unless I win the lottery and pay to have my respective baby mommas move there, I will never be able to live in Austin, TX...or for that matter really ever be able to live anywhere other than Knoxville, TN. I like Knoxville...but I guess my eyes were opened to something awesome when I got to see a place like Austin. There are things I can do to improve my situation here, I know that, but with the cold and the wet, I just feel like not doing it. Maybe when it warms up a little. I want to cheer up.

So, I surrender to winter for now and take pictures of the things that make me happy.

This lady bought me some awesome hot sauce. If I can just get her to close the lid on the coffee creamer, we'll be golden!

Smiling on the outside, but winter is kicking my ass.


raspberrytoast said...

you look all cutie pie in that pic.

dude, i so hope one of us wins the lottery that would be awesome.

maybe we should start playing???

raspberrytoast said...

have you bought a lottery ticket yet?