Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A separate peace.

It is easy to lose track of things in the day to day of single parenthood. Some days it feels like I just go through motions and when the smallest thing disrupts the process, I don't handle it well. But there are really good moments that pass in the days. Moments that give me pause and let me take them in and reflect upon them. Yesterday at dinner I felt that pause. A simple dinner of fish, peas and couscous reminded me how good I have it. Sitting at the table with my kids, seeing them eat the food I prepared, seeing them smile and enjoy being there with me let me know that I am doing okay. Traditional moments in an otherwise wholly non-traditional life give me the assurance that I am doing things the right way. I don't have all the answers, I know that, and often I struggle, but those kids are getting all the love I have to offer. And I have a lot of love.

Still rocking the bandanna. Mica said it has grown on her, and Taylor mentioned me and Springsteen in the same paragraph, so I am stoked.

Messing with the camera settings tonight and I finally figure out the goddamned white balance. Wow. I am less than bright sometimes...but I love having pictures of my cobbled together little family...

It is supposed to be really windy again tonight. Hopefully I will be ready this time.


Anonymous said...

I see Garrett had to switch up the passi :)
Enough with the bandana already geez!

raspberrytoast said...

I need to steal your bandana photo
You guys look cute.

Peace Out!

Taylor said...

The Boss!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Willy Nelson, I see you got rid of 'ole Mr. Gray Beard and the braids (now the Grecian Formula people may ask you to be their next spokesmodel). Real question is, when are you going to lose the Bandana? There's no hiding your receding hairline anymore. It's all over the web.