Monday, March 3, 2008

Broken broken broken

So very broken. Well not that broken, but my left knee is pretty hosed. Like, bro before hosed. I can't bend it behind me without pain, but I can run, jump and do a bunch of other stuff. Apparently, it is just sprained and will be better when the swelling goes down.

This is what my right knee looks like, please note the lack of swell...

This is my left knee. This is the motherfucker. I gots me two bags of frozen peas, I'll chill with the ice.

I cleaned off my lens tonight, after I cleaned my house. I posted some pics on my myspace and realized that the lens was as dirty as the inside of a rat's asshole. Much better now. Still need a flash, though. Will be getting that this week, maybe.

Mica is sick as 20 hells...puked up some noodles and everything. I feel bad about not cuddling her, but what can I say? I am a bad boyfriend.


Actually, I just look bad. So Mica has nothing to fear. Even in light of the news that Rachel Ray's relationship is on the rocks.


1 comment:

raspberrytoast said...

aww, you look really cutie pie in that self port
can't wait to go back to sephora. they have man product there too...