Saturday, March 1, 2008

I need a flash. Seriously.

Went to the park tonight...alone. None of the guys I usually run with were there, but I really wanted to get some pedal pedal in since it's been a week. Some people on bikes really need to be more aware of their surroundings. Putting brakes on is a good first step. Now take the next one and really pay some attention to what you are doing before you kill someone.

That said, some skaters were talking shit and I made it known that I could probably skate better than them in the bowl. I borrowed a board and it would seem that even after all this time, I still have it. Shut the fuck up, kids.

So, yeah, I need some flashes. I'll get some.

This guy is so fucking dialed on his board. I could watch him skate for a bit...

I always forget this fella's name, but he is really nice and really good. I am always glad to see him there...

Zack is one of the younglings there, and he's got some pump.

So, some blur. Flashes will fix that. Maybe next week.


Stephen said...
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raspberrytoast said...

I left you a comment from you on accident so I deleted it.

Sometimes blur can be pretty neato looking ya know. I like the last photo.

Oh and Freakwater is playing in Chattanooga March 21, which is a kidless Friday! We have to have have to go see them. It's fate, ya know! Going to see my fav band and then we can go see your fav band! And that they are girl boy versions of each other!