Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Kids Choice Awards are on.

My daughter is watching it now. She's gonna be one of those girls that goes to or something. I tried. I really tried.

Today has been oddly long and arduous. Garrett has freaked out for a large percentage of the day. He calls me "mommy". He also headbutted my collar bone and actually inflicted pain.

He is obsessed with going outside, which is actually okay with me, except for the part where he tries to run into traffic.

He can almost turn it himself...

Anna has decided that April 1st is Holly's birthday. I'll go with it. I think she'll be 5 years old. I think. Maybe 4. I can't even remember. It feels like I have always had her, which I think is pretty comforting. She's a great puppy and is very happy that she can get on the couch now. I just gave up that fight...

Mica is trying to cram an entire book into the weekend for her Women's Studies class. Her teacher is a man hating beast. I bet she'd love me. No, really. Older woman think I am awesome. I can't explain it. Oh, look at those orange walls!

I have a shoe problem. I have a lot, but to be fair, I buy a pair of shoes and use them for everything...BMX, skating, they wear out fast. Etnies stopped making the Ruben, which was my favorite shoe. I just bought some Orchid's (on sale!) and I hope that I get to try them out tomorrow.

This was a dull post.


Taylor said...

i loved the jack is back commercials for the kids choice awards. i'm going to turn anna into a spice girls fan. just wait.

Anonymous said...

"that rainbow just hit me in the eye"

I really like this band, The Duke Spirit. I wish it would stop raining so we could go outside, and I am so looking forward to meatball subs!


Anonymous said...

1. I am so jealous of your orange walls!
2. Maybe one day you will have as many shoes as Corey.I think he has ME beat right now.
3. Mica better make me some meatball subs. YUMMY! lol